your business to thrive with custom web applications from Bold Leopard.

We’re a boutique development firm on a mission: eradicate inefficiency, slash overhead, and produce profit-boosting software that works. EVERY TIME.

What we do

User Interface

The user interface is the part of an application that users see and interact with.

Business Process Automation

You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how much of your business can be handled automatically.


Custom-built email and SMS solutions keep your customers up to date and your staff on their toes.

Payment processing

Collect and disburse payments electronically via credit card and eCheck.


When building your application, we're concerned not only with your current requirements but also your future requirements.

Personalized email marketing

Studies show that personalized promotional emails generate six times more revenue than non-personalized emails.


Every aspect of your software is coded with the latest security standards in mind.


Need to manage your business on the go? Choose between a mobile-friendly design or dedicated mobile app.

Business intelligence

Using data collection and analysis techniques, we help our clients implement strategies for evaluating performance and making better-informed business decisions.

Most importantly


We all know there's nothing worse than technology that doesn't work.

Reliable web applications at the heart of your business

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